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Today the file format of books offers undergone evolution, ranging from printed form to digital form. Fundamentally a manuscript or even printed book is a collection of paper containing writings and even images that may contain certain information / understanding, then volumeed directly into one piece along with attractive packaging and even adapted to typically the information discussed within it. While the program or digital book called electronic book (Ebook) in addition to containing text, images, photos and video clips and music, so it looks better and interactive.

With the importance of the need for digital ebooks, especially in looking after the training process in the world regarding education (school or campus), especially found in the time involving the covid19 pandemic, where schools plus campuses must become closed temporarily not really to carry out Face-to-Face Learning (PTM) because since Mar 2021 the federal government imposes PSBB and PPKM in order that scholars must study with home. Of study course this requires teachers in order to make digital textbooks / manuscripts, and so that they can easily be distributed to their very own students through touch screen phones etc. � It can simply always be created in PDF FILE (Portable File Format) structure which may be directly produced in Microsoft Office.

Together with the progress today there are many applications to create digital guides (Ebook Editor), for example: Sigil, Calibre, Flipbook Maker and therefore on. �But on this page, I want in order to share steps to make digital books (Ebooks) a lot more interesting, interactive and is read either offline or online by making use of the particular FlipBook Maker application that could be directly downloaded in its official site:

Flipbook Producer is among the efficient and effortless ebook editor apps built to create interesting and interactive electronic digital books with 3D displays and theme facilities, such because textbooks, photo cds, magazines and so on, along with accompanied music and videos.


  • Donwload in addition to install Flipbook Maker.

  • Create/type the manuscript regarding the book that the Ebook will generate using Microsoft Word or other term processing applications.

  • Save the particular document in PDF FORMAT format.

  • Enable Flipbook Maker

Flipbook Maker's early look (such a bookshelf)

  • Press Brand new Project to create a new E book

  • Pick the previously produced PDF file of which will be used as a possible Ebook, plus then press typically the Open up button.

Wait, typically the process is ongoing...

View of inbound documents


  • Make changes if any, then Click on the Start off button.

Until this action, the ebook is definitely actually finished. In order to open the details of the publication, you only drag the particular end with the web page like you opened up a printed book,

Or you can use the left/right Arrow secrets within the keyboard or perhaps within the Next/Previous sign at the particular bottom of the particular digital book.

  • In buy to look more interesting and interactive e book, you can make use of the facilities found in the menu Case (panel on typically the left):

Template Tab menu:

This menu contains about typically the appearance of themes (Themes) of the guide that will be used as a possible e-book that suits the taste or pertains to the material of the guide, by way of example: Car, Like, Music etc.,

This menu contains about sophisticated settings, for illustration: ebook size, image or backdrop color, inserting music, etc .

If the discroll is down, this food selection also still has the alternative:

On the Advance Settings tab can appear options:

- Appropriate to Left: Displays the view of the book any time opening the web page

Hard Cover: makes the title page (caper) look heavy

- Living corner in begin: displaying the spot of the report will be pleased like the papers folding

menu Tab


Containing in relation to setting the menus language, you can easily change the textual content to the composing in the language an individual want, such as: Initial Page changed to Primary Page, and so forth

  • In the right bout, there are menu tabs: Page, Bookmarks and Contents. In the Content food selection, you can produce a table of material according to the particular contents and pages of content of the guide.

  • The next choice, you are able to open the particular Revise Menu...

In typically the Edit menu, an individual can insert: Images, photos, writing, video clips and so on in accordance along with your wishes in order to make the E book look more interesting.

For other options, please experiment and even create according to taste.

  • If most the choices and even settings are enough and your e book is ready to be published, in that case stay in the public.

  • Click Publish Menu and in that case select: Batch Publish or Post As Video format. It is going to appear:

- Format: format form of Ebook

- Resolution: ebook resolution

- Path File: spot for ebook storage space

- Folder Brand file name for saving ebooks

  • Click on the Start button to start the ebook creation process

Therefore , how to create an Ebook using Flipbook Maker, hopefully useful. To create Download Ebook Epub Pdf Library On the internet can create this in Fliphtml. Inshallah will be discussed in the next post.