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The game itself is not what people would expect from a horror game, but while I was playing through it, I saw it as such. Many people love Silent Hill 2, and call it a masterpiece. Others call it a perfect representation of clinical depression. The game always feels like it's going down deeper, and deeper into the darkness of humanity. It's one of those dark loving creations in the horror game genre that I can’t help but lose my mind over. To tell you more about the story would be a disservice to the game.

#multiplayerhorrorgame | 189.8K people have watched this. Watch short videos about #multiplayerhorrorgame on TikTok. In this paranormal activity you may get a glimpse of who you were in a past life. Turn the lights off in the room and light the candle, continue to stare into the mirror without blinking. Soon your face will start to contort and a new face will appear.

I’ll be using some principles of design and terminology introduced in my Revisiting Game Genres article, so you may want to read it. If you are looking for games you can download and play instead of signing up online, the ones I recommend are these Top 10 Horror Games To Scare You Witless. With Halloween just around the corner, fear is in the air. I can say, without a doubt, that All Hallow's Eve counts among my favorite holidays.

Therefore, listening only to my courage, I plunged myself into this endless nightmare, full of hallucinations and creatures wishing me dead. A game where you have to bet on discretion and take advantage of the darkness. When it comes to horror games, there are a few titles we have all heard of. Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Fatal Frame, and Dead Space, have revolutionized the genre, and have changed over the years. But, for horror game junkies, a few titles have flown under the radar, and have been a terrifying ride.

Fury of Dracula is a game of deduction and gothic horror. One of them will be Count Dracula, who wants to obscure the whole of Europe with his evil and the rest will be typical characters like Van Helsing or Lord Arthur Godalming. Operation Raccoon City is built on “three-corner conflict”, so-called because of the groups—U.S.

  • He soon finds out the Asylum has fallen apart, most if not all the staff are dead, and the insane and deformed patients run rampant.

  • Players are put into environments that are dark and mazelike, making it difficult to see what’s around the next corner, and they are always at risk of dying, because resources like bullets and health packs are in limited supply.

  • To me, it's simply a different breed of horror from the first game.

  • Based of a system called Stalking and Panic, Haunting Ground puts you in the shoes of Fiona Bell, a young woman who was in a car accident and wakes up in a strange castle.

  • Even though this is a fun game, however, it does not really boast the most realistic graphics.

The random beeps and noises going on that you can't help to feel unnerved listening to it. It basic graphic display is meant to shock you which it does all too well. It crosses the boundaries of where people will ask are video games too violent and in this case it is one game that would be.

Multidisciplinary Horror Games Panel: Five Nights At Freddy's


The look of enemy characters are great for the horror theme genre, it has a large amount of blood spatter when zombie creatures are killed. The wide array of zombie like creatures and end of level monsters are probably the best part of the game. The most frustrating part of the game is the continuous pumping of the gun to reload your bullets, the sound drives you mad. The screen fills up with blood and body parts leaving an uneasy feeling in your stomach. Moving on to the second level, to enter the “Rack Room,” you’ll find more bondaged prisoners, this time stretched out on wooden torture racks. Levels three and four – the Hallway and Graveyard transition from the macabre settings to the more traditional shooting gallery.

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Along with her friends, who had also been adopted by the Barrows. Things seem to start well, but, when Jennifer discovers one of her friends killed, and a deformed child wielding a pair of huge scissors, things start to go down hill. The aptly named Scissor Killer stalks you throughout the entire game, and find out the secrets of the Barrows family.

He has a family who he has never met, a fiancée he is engaged too who he doesn’t know about, and everyone wants him to join the lodge. As you go around town, you meet some very peculiar characters, and see some rather strange and disturbing thing. Again, I can’t say too much because it could ruin some parts of the game for you. Harvester may be one of those games that is just so odd in itself it is a cult classic. It’s actually currently available on Steam, so, if you want to see what I’m getting at, try it out. Condemned is one of those games that’s horror truly in lies in its creepy and disturbing environment.

But here, you have to be good at combat to get anywhere. The level of immersion in a video game far outweighs what you can experience vicariously in a horror movie or a book. Although it is easy to relate to the characters of a good movie, it just doesn’t compare to controlling your character and staying safe from the evils haunting your very soul.